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Trading classifieds (Changing the way we buy). Open to all items under the sun. Plans for a monthly trade show are in progress. Show will be held in Muskegon County
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 Machinists Tool-Maker tools. Taps,Dies,Precesion Punches, O-Rings, Sockets

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PostSubject: Machinists Tool-Maker tools. Taps,Dies,Precesion Punches, O-Rings, Sockets   Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:30 am

LOTS & LOTS OF GOODIES ! I will name a few of the items...All are made in the U.S.A...ie Proto, Apex, Snap-On, Armstrong, Williams, Crafstman...etc... ! Counter Bore Set,* Set of Counter sinks and Deburring,* Pullers,* Spanner Wrenches,* Double End-Mills,* Thread Pitch Gauges,* Eazy Outs,* Tubing Benders,* Assortment of many Diff. Taps,* Rethreader Dies,* Slide Hammers ( Pullers) ,*New 39 piece (metric) Tap and die set,* Bushing Remover & Replacer set,* Huge Box of Assorted Allen wrenches ( Standard & Metric), * Allen Sockets,* Pulley Taps,* Deburrers,*Feeler Gauges (starett),* Thread Restorers ( LH or RH threads),* Drive Pin Punches,* Metric and Standard O-Rings (kits),* Precesion Punch and Die set,* Letter and Number Punches,* Snap Ring and Retaining Ring Kits....ETC.....ETC.....
I have lots of close up pics.....can only put so many on...........I am looking to trade or sell the whole lot ! May split up some items? Shoot me an E-mail with trades or cash offers !
Items that I may be interested in are as follows.......SnowMachine, 2 seater Go-Cart, 14-16' Aluminum V bottom boat W/ Motor and Trailer , Tractor, 3 or 4 wheeler,Wood working tools...ie Table saw, Planer, Jointer, Router,Compound Miter saw,Drill Press ,,Band saw, Pellet stove, Olympic Weights and Bench, Dr. Power Grader, Snow-plow set-up to fit an 1985 3/4 ton GMC., ETC......Will do trades outright or cash and trades. Thanks, and God Bless ! Contact: michiganbutcher@yahoo.com
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Machinists Tool-Maker tools. Taps,Dies,Precesion Punches, O-Rings, Sockets
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