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  Phil Donahue Show.

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PostSubject: Phil Donahue Show.   Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:19 pm

"Draft Perot" organizations opened throughout the nation, and petition drives were coordinated largely by Perot's friend Tom Luce,[23] and the real estate arm of Perot Systems,[24] to help secure a place for the candidate on every state ballot. At the height of the efforts, 18,000 simultaneous calls came in to Perot's telephone banks after he appeared on the Phil Donahue Show.[25] At one point, 30,000 telephone calls were received in one hour.[26] MCI Communications Corporation reported that over a million calls came in during the first ten days that the phone banks were active.[25] At the time, presidential polls showed Perot with 21% support from the electorate, 14 points behind likely Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton and 16 points behind President Bush. Despite this, only one third of potential voters knew enough about Perot to form an opinion of him.[27] A large segment of his support came from Reagan Democrats, entrepreneurs[1] and suburban conservatives deemed "Perot Republicans", who agreed with the central theme of his campaign, though they disagreed with his pro-choice stance on abortion.[28] Political newcomers were also involved in the volunteer efforts.[29]
Twenty-five states required that a presidential candidate have a running mate to appear on the ballot. As a result, Perot named retired Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale, who had won the Medal of Honor for his actions during 7 1⁄2 years of captivity as a POW during the Vietnam War, as his "interim" running mate in late March.[16] Stockdale would remain in the position throughout the campaign. A Boston Globe report suggested that Boston University President John Silber was also considered as a running mate.[30] During an Associated Press interview in April, Perot commented that he might begin a campaign before his supporters achieved ballot access in all states.[31] In New York, ballot access appeared to be the most difficult to attain. In a five-week summer period, the campaign would be required to compile 20,000 signatures from non-primary voters, including 100 from each of half of the state's Congressional districts.[32] Perot conceded that he might not appear on the state's ballot, but stated that he may run anyway.[31]

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PostSubject: Re: Phil Donahue Show.   Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:18 pm

Aid groups fear central Africa LRA 'Christmas massacre'

LRA rebels often carry out their attacks with machetes and axes.
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Obama's plan to fight LRA rebels
LRA rebels deny DR Congo massacre
Rebel terror spreads to CAR
Aid groups have called for efforts to prevent mass killings by one of Africa's most feared rebel militias over the Christmas period.

The aid agencies say a concerted effort is needed to stop the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) from committing what have become known as "Christmas massacres".

LRA fighters killed hundreds of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan in December 2008 and 2009.

Hundreds of people were abducted during those attacks.

Figures show that the LRA over the past two years has become the most deadly militia in the DRC, the aid groups say in a report.

On Christmas Day 2008 and over the following three weeks, LRA beat to death more than 800 people in north-eastern DR Congo and Southern Sudan, abducting hundreds more.

In December 2009, the brutal militia killed more than 300 villagers in DR Congo in the run-up to Christmas.

An LRA spokesman denied that his organisation was responsible for the atrocities.

The rebels - originally from Uganda and also roaming across parts of Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR) - killed or abducted more than 1,000 people in remote areas of DR Congo last year alone, the report says.

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Mark Doyle
BBC International Development Correspondent
Shortly after the 2008 Christmas Massacre I flew to northern DR Congo with the Ugandan army.

The men from Uganda wanted to show me how they were killing the LRA in cooperation with the Congolese military.

The Ugandans were professional soldiers. But they failed.

They failed to deal with the highly-mobile LRA rebels, who - in a bid to to escape capture - are now spread over an area the size of the UK.

The Ugandan effort showed how complex it is to deal with a rural rebel group in a very underdeveloped region.

There are virtually no tarred roads there - telecommunications are basic.

There is some talk about the African Union --and even the United States --taking a military initiative to solve the LRA issue.

But one of Africa's best armies - that of Uganda - has failed.

So Africa may still need help from outside to deal with the LRA.

"The LRA abducts, mutilates, rapes and kills women, men and children, using extreme violence against the most vulnerable," the report adds.

The militia is also notorious for kidnapping children to save as soldiers and sex slaves.

"It is unbelievable that world leaders continue to tolerate brutal violence against some of the most isolated villages in central Africa and that this has been allowed to continue for more than 20 years," said Marcel Stoessel from Oxfam, one of the 19 organisations behind the report.

US President Barack Obama in November outlined a plan to remove the LRA's leader, Joseph Kony, and disarm the LRA. Mr Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Mr Obama was responding to US legislation passed in May promising a comprehensive strategy to put a stop to the LRA's killings, rapes and mutliations.

But the new report says more humanitarian aid and a more concerted military effort is needed to stop the rebels from committing more atrocities.

"Recent signs of diplomatic commitment from the African Union and the United States must provide tangible answers that protect the population from violence," the agencies say.

The report also calls on the UN Security Council to put the rebel group on its agenda.

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Phil Donahue Show.
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