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 Life Is Short

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Life Is Short  Empty
PostSubject: Life Is Short    Life Is Short  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 2:08 pm

Look... the simple fact is- life is short.

Before you know it, it's over.

Quit hitting the snooze button on your life and wake-up! -- NOW is all that matters. And NOW is the time to take back control, so you can experience what YOUR life IS meant to be. I'm not talking about driving Ferraris, partying at exclusive VIP events, buying a big, fancy house (although these might very well happen)...

I’m talking about EXPERIENCE, learning to give back, like you never have before.

Now, with the economy still in shambles, YOU might be looking for another way to get back on your feet. You might have been scammed by greedy marketers, you might have tried every “get rich quick Forex scheme out there".

Heck, you might have even been involved in things you wish you NEVER, ever, would have done... Look, I DON'T Care! I'm not hear to pass judgments.

Listen…we all make mistakes. The key is, that we learn from them, and don’t make the same mistakes twice. You coming to this page today was NOT a mistake, it was NOT happenstance. You know, it was probably meant to be.

Now is the time to act. So often in life, you reach a crossroads. You hear about something that just seems too good to be true. And Quite frankly, most things really are just that: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE . However, once in a great while something different comes along, something that feels RIGHT, deep down. Only if you fight the internal doubt, and “Suspend Your Disbelief,” can you overcome

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Life Is Short
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