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 What do you think of my plot and unfinished chapter?

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PostSubject: What do you think of my plot and unfinished chapter?   Thu May 06, 2010 3:46 pm

here's the unfinished plot:
Ok there is this girl named Angel. She is a bully. one day this boy named Joseph shows up and Angel realizes something strange about him and whenever she is around him strange things happen. Then one day Angel comes home and finds her mother on the floor sick and dying. She is devastated and there is a knock on the door. She answers it to find Joseph. And he tells her that he can help her mother if she followed him into the woods. He says that there is the most wonderful place with medicine that can cure her mother. Angel goes and realizes it was a trap. The place that Joseph said was wonderful was horrible and she imprisoned and sentenced to death. She is imprisoned because her sister is there, the same sister that went missing years before because she was believed to have great powers. When they found that she was not wat they thought her to be they were going to kill her but the boy who had lured her there loved her and bargained with the evil king to take him instead of her. And so angel is there, she is imprisoned, her mother is dying, and Angel could soon be dead also. But at the end. Joseph gives his life for Angel's freedom. This is what I am going to put in the story for that. And there in the corner, Angel's only friend, the person she loved, dead.
Here is the chapter
Expecting to see a wonderful land full of riches, medicines, and love I took Joseph's shaking hand. The wind picked up around us. My dark, blond hair swirled around my face.

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What do you think of my plot and unfinished chapter?
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