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 Quality Archery Drop Away Rest

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PostSubject: Quality Archery Drop Away Rest   Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:58 am

I have a brand new in the package Quality Archery Drop Away Rest up for sale or trade.They are awsome I own 3 bows all equiped with them this was just an extra I had in my garage that was unopened.Check around online and read up on them and see what they go for price wise.Send offers to bringtharuckus@ymail.com I found this Article on a hunting blog. The best ever period..., October 12, 2009
By bassman2day from Fort Atkinson, WI

Advantages: Durability, Ease of use, Performs well, Quality, Value for money

"This is simply the best rest out there. Why? ill tell you why. Draw your bow back in a huge situation with a huge buck. Cant hold the bow back, with any other drop away rest down goes the rest and the arrow falls out and clanks around. With the QAD rest it stays up when you let down but when you shoot it is way out of the way. Please spend the money!"

I bought this rest to replace my octane rest and am vary suprised with the noise differential. the QAD rest makes no noise and the arrow stays quiet with the fleece material around the arrow holder. I shoot 26 inch arrows with 50 pound pull and 250+ fps. The vanes on my arrow never touch the rest arm when i shoot, hence my shot groups have been greatly reduced. Well worth the money." http://i14.servimg.com/u/f14/14/64/56/31/drop_a10.jpg
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PostSubject: Re: Quality Archery Drop Away Rest   Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:13 am

it seems to be a pretty good offer
Found best glitter text ever...
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Quality Archery Drop Away Rest
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